Monday, December 7, 2020

The Grinch Theme Song


I’m sure you and I both know some people who don't enjoy Christmas. I’m reminded of them when I hear the Grinch theme song. I went to a church where the people love God and love others. They are trying to make a difference in their community. Part of the time together we heard of five local families or organizations that were going to receive a generous gift from this small church family. People came up with ideas. People voted on the ideas. Now people get to carry out the ideas. Cool stuff.

At another part of the night, the person teaching brought up Grinch and Scrooge. He talked about how some people just don't like Christmas.  It is not a season of joy for them.  He wondered if even in our own hearts there have been times or certain aspects of Christmas that we don't like. He then asked us what does Christmas have to say to people who don't like it. Great question.

I know of people who don't enjoy Christmas. 
For some they don’t enjoy Christmas because it is a time of loneliness, depression and loss. Sometimes memories associated with a previous Christmas continue to hold power over all future Christmases. Some people get stressed over family, gifts, cooking, time, travel.  Expectations can run high, only to lead to disappointment. 

We the church can help these people by reminding them they are not alone. We can tell the story of how Jesus came into the world in relative obscurity, understood our struggles, was betrayed, abandoned and killed. He understands our pain. He has dealt with emotions, loss, family, friends, misunderstandings, temptation--just like we have.

Christmas is a time of celebration. It can be enjoyed. It is for those at peace with themselves and the world around.  It is for those that love to give to others. It is also a time for those that feel lost, alone, misunderstood and abandoned.  Christmas says "I am here.  I have come to be closer to you. I will be with you when you celebrate and when you cry. I love you when you are full of joy and full of sorrow. Even when you don't believe-I will be here."  It is a time to be grateful we have a God who chooses to be with us. Even in our grinchiest moments.

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