Monday, December 7, 2020

Oh, Come, All Ye Faithful


This hymn is guaranteed to be sung in many, many churches on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  It is the call to come and worship on Christmas. "Come let us adore Him, Christ our Lord."

When I hear this son, the question I find myself asking is "what do I adore?" I adore my wife. She is fantastic, smart, beautiful, funny, real, caring and so much more. It is a very special adoration. 

I also adore my kids. They are unique, funny, caring, smart and helpful. I want the best for them. I want them to grow up to be able to totally live the life they are designed to live. I adore them in a very different way than I adore my wife.

Merriam Webster defines adoration as "feelings of strong love or affection."  In light of that definition, I can look back and see how many different things and people I have adored.  Most of them were not good ideas--like adoration of money, pleasure, drinking, you get the idea.  
I've learned not everything I have adored is worthy of adoration.

That is what makes the call to adore Jesus so life changing. God is worthy of our adoration. He created us in the image of himself. He created this world.
 He gives us the choice to adore him or not to adore him. We were made to have strong feelings of love or affection--sometimes those feelings get misdirected. We are called to adoration. Come let us adore Him.

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