Monday, December 7, 2020

God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen


Why was Christ born?  According to this song, one of the reasons was to free us from Satan's power when we go astray. I go astray at times. Quick lesson--Satan is a spiritual being who decided he wanted to be in charge. He gathered some followers and tried to take over from God. God won. Satan lost. Now Satan hates all things good and all things godly. Humans are made in the image of God. Therefore Satan hates humans and will do anything he can to make our lives never live up to our potential and will do anything he can to keep us from God.

But do we really believe in Satan's power? Is evil just an abstract concept brought about by mistakes and poor choices? Isn't evil just the absence of good? Isn't the idea of a devil a bit outdated? I believe in Satan and in evil, not just from my faith stand point, but from a personal stand point.

I look back at my active drinking days. I was not only dependent on alcohol, but truly felt in bondage. When I was hurting myself, I felt trapped and hated who I was. When I was suicidal, I very much believed the only way out of pain was death. Bondage, trapped, death. The presence of evil in my life was very real. I still struggle with doubt.  I still struggle with depression. Satan hasn't given up on keeping me from freedom and from God. He still tries on a daily basis to draw me away from the life I am meant to lead.

Maybe some of you feel trapped in some areas of your life. There may be self-destructive habits you can't seem to break or that you can't seem to want to break. Maybe you live in fear that someday, those you care about will see the real you and you will be left alone.  

This Christmas, listen to the message of God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman. Let it remind you there is a love greater than the despair you feel. There is a savior who was born to free you. There is a God who offers hope, forgiveness, guidance, strength, peace and life. He will not be stopped. His love will not end. His strength will not fail. We can be free from the power of Satan. Have a Merry Christmas and receive the gift of freedom. 

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