Monday, November 30, 2020

O Come, O Come Emmanuel

 "O Come, O Come Emmanuel"


The story goes that there was a great nation founded by God and led by God.  But they wanted a king like other nations.  So God said yes.  This great nation went through many ups and downs.  They kept turning away from God, being conquered, turning back to God, being rescued, turning away from God. . . . and so on.  God sent them prophets and judges to lead them.  He promised he would bless the world through them.  Then God fell silent.  This nation no longer heard from prophets.  They were conquered and they stayed conquered.  But they had God's promises and they hung on to them with all the hope they had.  God promised to send a savior.  God promised to send a son born of a virgin.  God promised to send a light into their darkness.  God promised freedom.  So this conquered nation believed and waited and waited.  

They lived in anticipation of rescue.  Who would it be?  Would this savior be a great warrior and lead them to victory over their enemies?  Would their new king restore them to the land God promised them?  Would they be led in victory and again prosper? Who?  When?  How about now, God?  Now would be good!

But God surprised them.  He fulfilled his promises, but most people missed it.  Shepherds noticed, but scribes did not.  Astronomers noticed, but the priests did not.  Eventually fishermen, tax collectors, women, children, sick people and hurting people noticed; but the religious leaders could not or would not believe.  God sent a baby and they wanted a soldier.  God gave freedom from sin and they wanted freedom from the Romans.  God opens the way for us to know Him and be with Him and they wanted rules, not relationship.

In this song, I hear the longing of people who have hope and faith in a God who saves. This longing for a deeper relationship with God resonates in my heart as well.  I just want to cry out "Come God!  Be more with me.  Bring me deeper into you.  Be more real in my life.  Make my love more real to others.  Come Lord and light those dark areas of my soul.  Restore my broken spirit.  Lift my head so I can see your face.  Come Jesus and form me into the world changer that you have called me to be.  Come Rescuer and free me from my pettiness, my habits, my selfishness.  Come Lover of my Soul and help me to love my wife and children unconditionally.  Come Healer and make me whole from the inside out.  Come, come Emmanuel.  Come into my life and make me more like you."

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