Monday, November 30, 2020

Here Comes Santa Claus

"Here Comes Santa Claus"


So, this is a fun song about Christmas cheer and getting ready for Santa Claus and the anticipation of Christmas. All good things. Yet--there's this mixed up verse about Santa Claus loving the rich and poor the same because he knows we are all God's children and another about saying your prayers. But from what I’ve seen, the gifts under the tree are not stacked the same. Some have more, some have less.

Did you know, that in Christmases past, there have been volunteers from a number of different groups buying, sorting and packing gifts? There are giving trees and Shoeboxes and so much more. We are blessed to have so many chances to give to make a difference. I've seen first-hand, the joy when churches or organizations adopt a family, and provide for them beyond expectations. I've seen those tears of gratitude.

I was able to enjoy Christmases where a number of churches and individuals adopted young, single moms living in a maternity home. They provided food and necessities, but also gave according to the moms' wish lists. I've seen single moms come home with a toy from Toys for Tots, that they could never have bought for their child themselves.

Maybe I'm wrong to feel cynical about this song.  Maybe Santa Claus does love every child the same.  Maybe he counts on us helping him every Christmas.  Maybe he counts on us helping throughout the year so people who have been helped can turn around and help others--as so many of them do.  Maybe God is counting on us to do the same as well.  To be His hands and feet reaching out and giving--not so people can experience the spirit of Christmas, but so they can know the Spirit of God.  May we love all year round.

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